About L&E

Liberty and Equality is dedicated to the proposition that the American political “story” isn’t just about liberty…that Americans care deeply about equality as well.

Milton Friedman famously said:

The [classical] liberal will therefore distinguish sharply between equality of rights and equality of opportunity, on the one hand, and material equality or equality of outcome on the other…At this point, equality comes sharply into conflict with freedom; one must choose. One cannot be both an egalitarian, in this sense, and a [classical] liberal.

Our purpose is to seriously consider alternatives to Friedman’s dichotomy, understand why it may not be true, and how we might strike a better balance between these competing “goods” in our politics and communities.

To that end, we will be discussing issues of political economy, economic theory, distributive justice, political and economic history, and recent political strategy and tactics.  For starters.