About the Editor

Mark E. Madsen is an anthropologist, entrepreneur, software engineer, and political junkie living in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

As a technologist, I helped found (and served on the board of) Allrecipes.com until its sale to Reader’s Digest in 2006, and was a founder or early-stage employee at RealNetworks, Internap Network Services, Gridnetworks, and Network Clarity.  I worked briefly at Microsoft, and was a partner in Pinpoint Venture Group for six years.

As an anthropologist, trained in evolutionary biology and archaeology, I’ve worked in the Pacific Northwest, Mississippi River Valley, Ohio River Valley, and the Indus River Valley in Pakistan, with brief efforts elsewhere.  More on my research and interests at MadsenLab.

Prior to Liberty and Equality, I wrote about politics, constitutional law, and political economy on my own personal website (see particularly the politics category for posts between 2004 and 2009).  I also co-wrote a now-defunct group blog called Progressive Commons, along with Kenneth Rufo and others.  The opening post on Liberty and Equality (and the stimulus for the site name) is actually a reposting from Progressive Commons, which I hope to someday resurrect.

I have a B.A. with honors from the University of Washington, a M.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and hopefully in the next year or two, my Ph.D. from the Univ. of Washington.  Unless, of course, I spend more time writing here than working on my dissertation.