Unless it carries a more specific license (usually at the request of a guest author), all content on Liberty and Equality is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

What this means, in plain English, is that you are allowed to reuse, remix, and repost content from Liberty and Equality as long as:

  • You do so for non-commercial purposes.  Commercial use of material on this site is prohibited without written consent of the author and site maintainer.
  • You provide clear attribution of the original authorship for any content you reuse, remix, or repost.
  • You provide a hyperlink or written URL (depending upon context) back to the original source material.
  • You provide these rights to others down the line who wish to reuse, remix, or repost YOUR reuse, remixing, and reposting of our material.  That’s the “Share Alike” part.

Guest authors on Liberty and Equality are allowed to attach any license they like to their posts, and those licenses may or may not allow different patterns of usage (e.g., commercial use).  It is incumbent upon the individual author to override the main site license by saying so, and providing a link to appropriate license terms (e.g., in a footnote, etc).

Comments to any post on Liberty and Equality will be treated as information released into the public domain.  Replies to a comment by the original author of the post are considered to be covered by the post’s governing license, to preserve the author’s original licensing rights.

These provisions are designed to make nearly all content on Liberty and Equality freely available to share with friends, family, political adversaries, or folks you’re having a flame war with online.

Share and enjoy!